At our favorite coffee shop.
Our Mission

As a family of six, essential oils are integrated into every part of our daily lives. We want to share the goodness of these oils with those who use our products. From our home to yours, our facial oils are uniquely and individually handcrafted. As we pour out oils, we plan to pour out support. With each oil, financial support goes to non-profits that bring life to the marginalized and suffering around the world

Our Story

In twelve years of marriage we’ve left Southern California to live in a war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina, moved back to Southern California, learned how to raise four little ones, and relocated once more to Portland, Oregon. Through all of this, we have grown into a lifestyle that we adore and hope to share with the world. We discovered the world of essential oils after being overseas. Our whole world changed. We shifted the way we saw and thought about culture, food, and cleaning. Realizing how much we could do without the abundance of synthetic materials in our products and how much more we could do with things that are essential and natural, we began to experiment. Slowly but surely we traded commercial dish soap, lotion, laundry detergent and (of course) face moisturizer for all-natural, handmade products.

Being overseas changed a lot about our lives. Not only did parts of our routines change, we began to grow a passion for the lives of others. There is a need to reach the lost in the world: those suffering from the after effects of war, those running from or to sex slavery, or those working out the complications of foster care. We have found that our purpose is to bring hope to these by encouraging, supporting, and empowering believers of Christ around the world and at our doorsteps.

After being encouraged by friends and family who have used the facial oil in our cabinets, they encouraged us to share it with the rest of the world. We connected the dots and realized the proceeds could be used to help financially support those that are doing good. Part of the profit received from Pouring Out Facial Oils will go toward the refugee crisis both locally and across seas, or it will help a foster child go to summer camp, or it will help victims get back on their feet after being rescued from the sex trade. We hope Pouring Out will assist in spreading news of a simple lifestyle, one rid of the unnatural and full of light, around the world.

Casey and Vanessa